End-to-end Solutions

Deatex gives you knitted and crocheted covers products and services of knitwear and clothing, processed under the best possible conditions.


We offer services of knitwear, and knitted products, products tested quality, long-lasting and guaranteed for a long time.

Ideal Choice

We’re staying at all times along with our customers and provide confidence and support necessary in matters of knitted items.


The textile services is also an area of activity, have been developing and delivering unique knitted items.

Full Range

On request we execute knitted and crocheted covers products, and mass production is carried out at all times within the time limit set.

Items Control

According to the customer, we can offer ideas and the period of work will be determined by mutual agreement.

Knitwear and clothing

We have prospered with fashion and we enjoyed together the success. We are on your side giving you the best quality products and processed with a greater attention to detail

We developing with and by passion

We wish that each item created or processed to be your favorite the day-to-day work, but quality.

Save time and resources

We can offer you a custom bid in matters of knitted items purchased at the wholesale stage.

The appearance deosn’t matter

We can create any article, regardless of the fact that you’ve got the idea or help us. Focus on creativity.

Deatex Toplita

Knitwear and clothing

We rely on a long-term collaboration to bring the benefits and customer satisfaction, and the new company, that we were able to offer unique products and of good quality, and at the same time we reached main objective: seriousness.

We look forward your proposal!

Small details that counts!

Deatex Toplita – the factory to knitwear and clothing produces knitted items, of various types, from their own stock or customer’s material to order, custom or from own range, which includes a large number of items with the fineness of knitted GG12.

You may contact us at any time by phone, e-mail/ fax, or complementing the contact form.